Misplaced Graphics in Polish Units (Fixed)

The issue of misplaced graphics on units that have been flipped and rotated (see this post) affected more counter than I initially though… I have fixed now the Polish units but I guess most minors would suffer from it.

I’ll fix it whenever I need the units for each minor or when I can think of a way to massively update the affected units.

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Pilots in Flames Set Up for Germany, Italy and Japan

I am currently adding automatic setup for Pilot in Flames (PiF) counters, so you can now fill the year pools (see this post) with Classic or PiF counters and then send them to their corresponding force pools. In this way it is easier to setup new games without depending on pre-defined setups.

So far I have completed Germany, Italy and Japan, now I’m working with the Allies

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Japan + China Action Counters

Previous versions had Action Counters for major european countries (Germany, Italy, CW, France and the USSR) and the USA; now I have included Action Counters for China and Japan.

An Action Counter let you track how many actions of each type (air, naval, rail, land movement and land combat) are still available for each type of Action.

German Air Action Counter

German Air Action Counter

In the previous image you can see the German Air Action Counter showing (left to right, top to bottom) no limit for air moves (X), no land moves (0), max 3 rail moves (3) and no land moves (0) or combats (0).

Using Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2, Ctrl+3, Ctrl+4 and Ctrl+5 you can decrease the appropriate number and keep track of how many actions are still left for your power.

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WiF 6.39 Available

Due to a recent post in the WiF yahoo group I’ve noticed that I never uploaded version 6.39, so here it is

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Misplaced Graphic on Flipped and Rotated Counters (Fixed)

In the original WiF 6.30 module when you flipped and rotated a counter the non-rotated face down image appeared superimposed over the rotated face up image. Many thanks to Tobias for pointing it out

This is now fixed for (I believe) all the counters and it should be released in WiF 6.39

Original Face Up / Face Down Counter Graphics

Fixed Face Up / Face Down Graphics

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Convoy Counters Reported as Face Down (Fixed)

Due to a bug some CP counters were reported as Face Down when flipped to show the 5 CP side; it should not be significant except that using Reorganize All would flip back all such counters to the 10 CP side

This has been fixed and should be release in WiF 6.39

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US Entry Chits Added With Every Set Up (Fixed)

Due to a bug the US Entry Chits were added to the US Force Pool every time any major power was automatically set up

This has been fixed and should be released in 6.39

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