Automatic Set Up for WiF

Caution: This feature currently works only with newly created German, Italian and Soviet units; the feature doesn’t have any notion of previous invocations so if you use the setup buttons more than once for a given power it will create duplicate counters.

Another helpful addition is the Set Up menu in the main window, it wil offer you three options, Germany : FE, Italy : FE and USSR : FE that will populate the appropiate year pools with all available pieces from the FE set (that is, not including any expansions)

Set Up Menu

Set Up Menu

For example, if you create a new game and then press Set Up -> USSR : FE, your USSR Force Pool and the Allied Production Circle (I use only one Production Circle) will look like this:

USSR Pools After Automatic Set Up
USSR Pools After Automatic Set Up

After this you can select the appropiate years and send them to the Force Pool (for example in Barbarossa I select all years since before 1936 to 1941 and them press Ctrl+P) or remove the ones you will not use (continuing with Barbarossa I select all years from 1943 and beyond and delete the pieces)

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