Send to Force Pool for WiF

Caution: This feature currently works only with newly created German, Italian and Soviet units; it will not work with your currently saved games or pre-defined set ups

Caution: Even if this option looks like it works from the Counters Window (where you select new pieces and bring it to the force pool, board or whatever) don’t use it there… it will create a not-fully-working counter; you better draw the counter from the Counters Window into the board or somewhere else (that will create a true counter) and then use this option.

In the Force Pools I have defined decks for all major unit pools, including HQ-A, HQ-I and so on; when you click on such decks and drag a piece it will be randomly selected from the ones available making a lot easier (at least for me) to set up new games and produce new units.

Force Pool Deck

Force Pool Deck

Another fancy feature is that decks allow you to select particular pieces, so when set up says Kharkov you don’t have to draw units until you get the right one, and multiple pieces, so you can draw 11 INF units at once.

Besides that, each unit has a right click menu option (Send to Force Pool or Ctrl+P) that will send it to the appropiate deck into its national Force Pool.

Send To Pool Option

Send To Pool Option

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