New Release (6.38) Available

A new version of the WiF VASSAL module (6.38) is available at this link. The most important fixes and new characteristics are:

  • Set Up, Send To Year and Send To Pool should now work properly when sending log files to other players or playing live using a server or direct connection
  • Set Up for Classic units, meaning filling the appropriate year pools with the corresponding units, is now available for all Major Powers
  • Hide / Show Units and Control Markers buttons on the Main Map helps to keep track of who controls what without burdering normal gameplay
  • Put back the original maps instead of the compressed ones… it seems memory is not an issue for most players and the quality of the compressed images was not good enough

And that’s basically it… may be a few more cosmetic changes but nothing important… what would be next? I’m trying to decide between adding Set Up buttons for Minors or adding more modules to existing ones (MiF, PiF, AsA… any suggestion about which one to tackle first?)

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