Why Not an Extension?

VASSAL extensions basically allow programmers other than the original creator to add content to a VASSAL module… this is quite powerful and could help keep enhancements separated the original preventing version clashing due to uncorrelated developments

But they key issue here is that you can only add but not modify existing components; in the case of the WiF enhancements mentioned in this blog most depend on new properties and objects added to existing pieces and boards

For example, Set Up requires each piece to have a Nationality and UnitModule properties and since it depends on Send To Year Pool functionality it also requires two additional properties: UnitYear and UnitCategory

The only way to do that with an extension would be to complete replicate the Counters window and generate a copy of each piece… for example, French HQ Georges will be represented twice in the extended module, once for the original piece and once for the extension

This duplicity will not only generate a lot of confussion in the UI (many things would get duplicated and will present different functionality depending on with one you chose) but will also render invalid the whole point on an extension… if the original creator modifies one of his/her pieces that change will not automatically propagate to the copy in the extension

To summarize… I haven’t found a way to make the changes I want while working with an extension but of course, I’m pretty open to suggestions

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