Japan + China Action Counters

Previous versions had Action Counters for major european countries (Germany, Italy, CW, France and the USSR) and the USA; now I have included Action Counters for China and Japan.

An Action Counter let you track how many actions of each type (air, naval, rail, land movement and land combat) are still available for each type of Action.

German Air Action Counter

German Air Action Counter

In the previous image you can see the German Air Action Counter showing (left to right, top to bottom) no limit for air moves (X), no land moves (0), max 3 rail moves (3) and no land moves (0) or combats (0).

Using Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2, Ctrl+3, Ctrl+4 and Ctrl+5 you can decrease the appropriate number and keep track of how many actions are still left for your power.

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