Italian SUB Not Included in Set Up (Fixed)

Due to a bug the Italian SUB units are not included when you use the Italy : Classic set up button

The issue has been fixed and should be released in WiF 6.39

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Why Not an Extension?

VASSAL extensions basically allow programmers other than the original creator to add content to a VASSAL module… this is quite powerful and could help keep enhancements separated the original preventing version clashing due to uncorrelated developments

But they key issue here is that you can only add but not modify existing components; in the case of the WiF enhancements mentioned in this blog most depend on new properties and objects added to existing pieces and boards

For example, Set Up requires each piece to have a Nationality and UnitModule properties and since it depends on Send To Year Pool functionality it also requires two additional properties: UnitYear and UnitCategory

The only way to do that with an extension would be to complete replicate the Counters window and generate a copy of each piece… for example, French HQ Georges will be represented twice in the extended module, once for the original piece and once for the extension

This duplicity will not only generate a lot of confussion in the UI (many things would get duplicated and will present different functionality depending on with one you chose) but will also render invalid the whole point on an extension… if the original creator modifies one of his/her pieces that change will not automatically propagate to the copy in the extension

To summarize… I haven’t found a way to make the changes I want while working with an extension but of course, I’m pretty open to suggestions

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Minor Changes in Automatic Set Up

Most of the information in the original post is still valid but the acronym FE (for Final Edition) has been replaced with Classic which seems a more proper name, so the German button is now labeled Germany : Classic instead of Germany : FE

Also in this version the CP and the US Entry Chits (USA only) are included in the result

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New Release (6.38) Available

A new version of the WiF VASSAL module (6.38) is available at this link. The most important fixes and new characteristics are:

  • Set Up, Send To Year and Send To Pool should now work properly when sending log files to other players or playing live using a server or direct connection
  • Set Up for Classic units, meaning filling the appropriate year pools with the corresponding units, is now available for all Major Powers
  • Hide / Show Units and Control Markers buttons on the Main Map helps to keep track of who controls what without burdering normal gameplay
  • Put back the original maps instead of the compressed ones… it seems memory is not an issue for most players and the quality of the compressed images was not good enough

And that’s basically it… may be a few more cosmetic changes but nothing important… what would be next? I’m trying to decide between adding Set Up buttons for Minors or adding more modules to existing ones (MiF, PiF, AsA… any suggestion about which one to tackle first?)

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New Update Coming in a Few Weeks

An update will be available in the following weeks including all major European powers and some Minors being able to Send to Year and Send to Pool their units

In the case of Minors they can be aligned with any of the Major Powers so their units are sent to that Major’s Force Pool

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Automatic Reorganization for WiF

Caution: This feature currently works only with newly created German, Italian and Soviet units; it will not work with your currently saved games or pre-defined set ups

A button in the main Map Window labelled Reorganize All will flip all face down pieces in the board, something useful at the end of the turn.

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Automatic Set Up for WiF

Caution: This feature currently works only with newly created German, Italian and Soviet units; the feature doesn’t have any notion of previous invocations so if you use the setup buttons more than once for a given power it will create duplicate counters.

Another helpful addition is the Set Up menu in the main window, it wil offer you three options, Germany : FE, Italy : FE and USSR : FE that will populate the appropiate year pools with all available pieces from the FE set (that is, not including any expansions)

Set Up Menu

Set Up Menu

For example, if you create a new game and then press Set Up -> USSR : FE, your USSR Force Pool and the Allied Production Circle (I use only one Production Circle) will look like this:

USSR Pools After Automatic Set Up
USSR Pools After Automatic Set Up

After this you can select the appropiate years and send them to the Force Pool (for example in Barbarossa I select all years since before 1936 to 1941 and them press Ctrl+P) or remove the ones you will not use (continuing with Barbarossa I select all years from 1943 and beyond and delete the pieces)

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